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The SDK contains everything you need to build a brain sensing application for Android and/or iOS.

Download SDK

When you download
the SDK you’ll get:


Full-featured library that enables you to develop applications that use the Muse headband.

Example applications

To use as a starting point, whether you are developing with Android Studio, Xcode or Unity 3D

API Documentation

Specific to the library version.


If you would like to know more about commercialization, please contact


The research tools allow you dive into Muse data without writing any code and are available for Windows, Mac or Linux desktop environments.

Download tools

When you download
the research tools you’ll get:


A Muse driver that sends out Muse data as OSC messages which other programs can interface with.


A visualizer tool for brainwave and other types of data. This receives data from MuseIO lets you view brainwave and other data in real time, record and annotate it, and apply DSP functions.


A desktop program that can replay recorded data as an OSC stream. This could be used to watch a previously recorded session inside of MuseLab or develop and test applications without a headband.


Contains useful reference information to help you get started. This is your guide to both the SDK and the research tools. This will be updated as new features are rolled out.


Connect with other developers, collaborate on projects and keep up to date with the latest developments.