Muse Connect is a full-service program for professionals to help grow their practice and teach their clients meditation techniques.

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Muse Connect offers you exclusive access to a resource bank of best practices, including webinars, case studies and information that will help introduce Muse to your clients. We also provide you with great marketing assets to help give your practice a competitive edge.

Introduce your patients to Muse with
simple onboarding and support.

Best practices, protocols,
and case studies.

Monitor patient progress and improve patient outcomes.

Gain exclusive access to
marketing assets and content

Reduced professional pricing.

Better insights mean better treatment

A personalized dashboard tracks your clients’ at-home meditation practice with Muse, so you can view their progress in real time

Guide your clients’ meditation habits by setting goals and keeping them accountable for their treatment, monitoring their progress

With real-time metrics, you can identify who’s struggling to keep up with their practice, and offer helpful feedback

Better insights mean better treatment

Meditation can be challenging, especially without knowing
if you’re doing it right. Your clients might be wondering:

• Is meditation good for me?
• Am I meditating correctly?
• Is meditation helping?

Muse: the brain-sensing headband answers these questions by using wearable EEG technology and neurofeedback to help your clients understand what it feels like to have a calm or active mind.

Through real-time audio feedback and progress-tracking,
we resolve many of the barriers to meditation with a simple
tool that helps your clients develop a consistent practice.

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Here’s what our community is saying:

“Muse has been such an awesome device to help clients manage their stress, learn how to focus and even improve their daily mood. Some even say that they sleep better.”

Michael Decaire, MA, C. Psych , R. Psych, RP
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

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