Help clients reach their treatment outcomes with Muse’s Meditation Experience. Differentiate your practice with transformative neurofeedback technology.

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What is Muse for Professionals?

Muse for Professionals is an innovative program designed to support practitioners in teaching meditation using real-time feedback and quantifiable results.

Extend your relationship with clients through our meditation adherence platform:

  • Gain insights into your clients at-home practice with real-time updates and insights on their practice with Muse.
  • Stay up to date on protocols through our resource bank of educational content, and offer muse to your clients with preferred pricing.
  • Connect with other professionals to learn industry insights and see how meditation is helping their patients

In The Office

Teach clients how identify what it feels like to have a calm vs wandering mind

At Home

Support the development of positive habits outside of therapy sessions and foster client's independence


Help clients reach treatment outcomes through at-home practice accountability

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been scientifically shown to enhance well-being through a vast body of research.

  • Reduction in symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, PTSD and depression
  • Improvement in focus, resiliency, sleep and performance

The Barriers to Meditation

You know that your clients would benefit from learning the fundamentals of meditation yet there is often resistance to the practice. Here are some common questions you might have heard.

  • Value: Why should I meditate?
  • Feedback: How do I meditate?
  • Results: Am I meditating correctly?
  • Habit-Building: How do I stay consistent?

The Muse Solution

Muse uses wearable EEG technology and neurofeedback to help your clients understand what it feels like to have a calm and active mind. Through real-time audio feedback and post-session results that track progress, we resolve many of the barriers to meditation and offer you a simple tool that supports your clients in developing a consistent practice.

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