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The Professionals Program is designed to give Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Trainers, Coaches and Clinics an innovative way of introducing meditation into their practice. Muse offers real-time feedback that helps individuals start meditating, and quantifiable results that motivate them to continue practicing. It is a fantastic tool for clinicians to monitor compliance and engagement, as well as extend client relationships outside of sessions, and create new revenue streams.

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  • As a hypnotherapist, I help clients train their brain to change behaviour patterns through focused relaxation—a sort of therapeutic meditation. I guide my clients into a naturally induced state of self-optimization by which they can use the full power of their minds to enhance creativity, release fear, and tap into their greatest potential. I routinely recommend meditating with Muse, the brain-sensing headband, because I’ve found it helps hard wire people’s ability to calm and comfort themselves.”

    Amy Budden C. Ht Certified Hypnotherapist Connected Mind
  • Opti International is very excited to work with The Muse to evaluate and train athletes such as golfers, baseball pitchers and batters in their performance setting. The Muse has allowed us to collect quality brain signals through the phone.

    Debbie Crews, Ph.D. - CEO Opti International
  • Muse has been such an awesome device to help clients manage their stress, learn how to focus and even improve their daily mood. Some even say that they sleep better. It is not like anything that I have ever used before.

    Tarah K. Elhardan, MA, LLPC, NCC - Mental Wellness Counseling
  • Muse really has revolutionized our treatment for anxiety at trinity wellness center. It’s great to be able to demonstrate a tool in the office that gives patients real-time data on their anxiety and a way to measure their progress in treating it. I always encourage my patients with anxiety to choose muse.

    R. Thomas Mathew MD - Board-certified psychiatrist and Medical Director
  • I use the Muse with several patients in readying them for neurofeedback. It seems goals of neurofeedback can be more easily accomplished/learned when the brain is in a state of calm or calm focus. I use the Muse to help clients learn to achieve that state before neurofeedback training. We also work to incorporate the practice into their daily lives…with or without Muse.

    Lori Miller, MS, BCN - Better Brain Balance
  • I have introduced several patients in my Methadone Clinic to Muse and have seen a significant decrease in conflictive behaviour as well as a heightened ability for individuals to cope with stressful moments and personal issues. Thanks to Muse, my patients are excited to come to the clinic instead of dreading arriving for her medication.

    Delia Brereton, BScPhm, RPh - Choose Healthy Now
  • As someone who works with many professional baseball, basketball, hockey and football teams, I have found the Muse to be an essential tool for helping both players and patients learn to settle their minds and help improve their ability to fall asleep quickly. It’s easy to use, fun, and very affordable, and above all: it works!

    W. Christopher Winter, MD - Sleep medicine specialist

Muse Makes Meditation Easy

Incorporating meditation into one’s daily routine can improve emotional well-being and enhance overall quality of life. As science and medicine demonstrate the significant and real benefits of meditation, more and more people are seeking to learn to meditate. Although the techniques of meditation are conceptually simple, many people find it hard to get started and can find it difficult to stay en­ gaged to develop a lasting habit.

We invite you to consider how you can engage your clients by introducing meditation in an entirely new way. With Muse, your mental state is monitored, enabling ongoing audio feedback during meditation to support and guide you toward an effective practice. This process accelerates comprehension and establishes the feeling that you are “doing it right,” which is essential for developing confidence and sustaining motivation.

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Co-founder Ariel Garten explains the benefits of Muse.

Co-founder Ariel Garten provides a demonstration of Muse.

Three people who use Muse tell their story.


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