We are committed to developing a partnership-based approach in bringing Muse to a variety of markets. Please read about our programs below and contact us if you are interested in partnering in bringing Muse: the brain sensing headband to your network.

Retail Program

Muse is currently offered by a variety of retail partners in North America and Europe. If you are interested in retailing Muse or would like to inquire about international distribution please contact us at sales@choosemuse.com

Professionals Program

The Professionals Program is designed to give Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Clinicians, Coaches and Clinics an innovative way of introducing meditation into their practice. Muse offers real-time feedback that helps individuals start meditating, and quantifiable results that motivate them to continue practicing. It is a fantastic tool for clinicians to monitor adherence and engagement, as well as extend client relationships outside of sessions. Please register for the professional program for more information.

Corporate Wellness Program

The Corporate Wellness Program allows companies to promote meditation and mindfulness in their workforce. If you are interested in partnering with Muse on a corporate initiative please write to us at sales@choosemuse.com

Join Our Affiliate Program!

The Affiliate Program allows you to share Muse with your online network through unique commission tracked links and banner advertising. It is the perfect avenue for websites, bloggers and Muse enthusiasts to share Muse with their demographic. Please sign up for the program here for more information: bit.ly/MuseAffiliateProgram