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New ways to relax, calm and focus your mind with Muse.

A fully reimagined Muse experience gives you an entirely new way to enhance your meditation practice, in 3 minutes a day.

Features designed to take your Muse experience even further.

New exercise, Sensation of Breath
A new forest environment
Challenges based on the latest in brain research
Customizable session lengths, up to 60 minutes
Enhanced tutorials that help you get started faster with Muse
Compatible with accessibility modes for the visually impaired
Dramatically improved performance and faster load times
More ways to view your data and share your progress

With Muse, it’s easy to build on your ability to maintain a state of calm.

New awards to track your achievements after each session.
Milestones help you track progress over time.

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Mindful. Motivated. Present. Positive.

Bring your focus and relaxation to the next level. Improve composure, get real-time feedback that improves your awareness, and boost positive emotions with Muse.

It motivates you to change your brain

Muse is based on mindfulness exercises that can make the brain more resistant to distractions. Muse makes this process motivating and fun.

It improves how you respond to stress

In the short-term, this training has been shown to trigger the natural relaxation response – a state of deep rest that changes our responses to stress.

Extended use can have lasting results

A study showed that 20 minutes of focused attention training for 3 days in a row can reduce anxiety, improve mood, and reduce heart rate.

Look for the new icon to discover and unlock the features you’ve requested.

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Now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch*
Android version coming in Summer of 2015.

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*for complete compatibility list see choosemuse.com/compatibility