Jay Vidyarthi – M.Sc – Head of User Experience Design

Jay is an expert in orchestrating the two-way dialogue between a human being and any product, system, or service. He brings a user experience priority to our organization using a human-centered design approach grounded in empathy and iteration.Many of the core ideas behind meditation with Muse were influenced by academic papers Jay published and presented at leading international venues in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. They document his design and validation of Sonic Cradle: an interactive medium he invented to experientially introduce mindfulness meditation using sensory deprivation, biofeedback, and interaction design. Jay has won industry and academic awards, been featured in top-tier international press, and shaped interactive experiences for clients like UNESCO, Cirque Du Soleil, Yellow Pages, the Canadian Institute of Health, LexisNexis, Publicis, and Qatar Airways.


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