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Golf – conceptually, such a simple game. Hit the ball into the hole. Set up, aim and swing. Take as few strokes as possible. That’s it. And yet, the complexities involved with carrying out that discipline are incredibly challenging. We experience days where we perform exceptionally, which gives us tremendous satisfaction. Then we encounter days where it seems everything goes wrong without explanation. We’re left frustrated and full of doubt.

The question is, can we better understand what’s happening within us to consistently improve our performance? Do we have the ability to learn, adapt and strengthen our game much like we did when we first picked up a golf club?

Maximized Performance.

Muse helps you to develop mindfulness, also known as focused attention training. On the golf course, that means nothing clouds your purpose and ability to hit the shot you want.

More Mental Control.

Pro golfers don’t get rattled – they
maintain a quiet level of sustained focus and confidence. Mindfulness training helps you understand your emotions and stop the debilitating spiral of irritation and
anxiety that can arise in distracting
conditions or after a bad shot.

Heightened Clarity.

Muse helps you to develop mindfulness, also known as focused attention training. On the golf course, that means nothing clouds your purpose and ability to hit the shot you want.

Everyone has the ability to be a better golfer. By training your brain with Muse, you will improve your capacity to golf with a clearer, more
focused mind.

Find out how Muse works and try it today.
After all, isn’t it time you thought about golf differently?


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Interested in improving your golf game? Still working on the perfect swing or putt, even after investing in golf lessons? Watch some of the previous sessions in our Mastering Your Mental Game webinar series.

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