Corporate Wellness

What if your organization could master mindfulness?

Introducing Muse Corporate Wellness

Bring mindfulness and meditation into your organization with scientifically validated Muse devices and programs. Our training program creates community engagement through in app challenges and analytics along with support. The programs achieve the benefits of meditation such as lower stress, increased resilience, focused attention, higher performance and improved communication. Each package is catered to individual company needs and can include options such as:

  • Internal company Meditation Challenges
  • Dashboard and reports for group sessions, data and engagement
  • Easy to implement for small to large organizations
  • Bespoke onsite training sessions
  • Validated scientific surveys to measure pre and post program results
  • Muse: brain sensing headband and in app training programs
  • Preferred partner pricing

“I feel like my entire meditation practice has improved and I’ve gained a new level of awareness in my life. I am able to better self-regulate emotionally and focus more at the task at hand. The Muse headband has been transformational for me and my team”.

“How Meditation Can Transform Your Business
Set aside some time this year to master this ancient practice. Your mind — and your business — will thank you.”.

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