Week 1

Introduce the concept of meditation to your clients by using the script in the learn section of MuseConnect

Do a 3 minute demo session with Muse to help break down the barriers to practicing meditation

Set up an account for your client and emphasis the importance of practice

Provide a Muse on loan, for rental or send them your referral link to purchase their own

Weeks 2-4

Set weekly at-home meditation goals with your client that are tied to specific treatment outcomes

Suggest the completion of the 10 lesson in-app intro to meditation course

Review Muse data from your dashboard allowing you to gain insight into compliance of practice

Engage in data-informed conversations

Weeks 4-8

Encourage clients to utilize the skills learned through practice with Muse to actively re-center during moments of stress and distraction in daily life

Support experimentation with longer session lengths and practicing different types of meditation

Suggest the client journal after each of their daily sessions

Explore the other coursepacks and soundscapes available in the Muse app

Grow your practice and help your clients reach their treatment outcomes with Muse Connect.

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Learn best

Discover unique ways of utilizing Muse with your clients through case studies, webinars and worksheets developed by members of our Professionals Community.

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Introduce Muse
to clients

Create accounts for your clients and have access to practice wide discounts on Muse.

Monitor treatment

Gain insights about your clients at-home meditation practice with up to date accountability tracking through the dashboard.

Market your
unique practice

Marketing scripts and tools to add to your website to engage local media.

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Monitor treatment

Pinpoint who's slipping so you can reach out to them, helping your clients develop positive habits through building a consistent meditation practice.

Our 8-week protocol

"I routinely recommend meditating with Muse, the brain-sensing headband, because I've found it helps hard wire people's ability to calm and comfort themselves."

Dr. Tom Diamond PhD, RCC, BCN Board Certified in Neurofeedback - BrainiGo


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