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Who’s the most grateful person you know? Who’s your gratitude role model? Day 4

10 Days of Holiday Gratitude from Muse

We at Muse practice gratitude and were so moved from Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader that we challenged the diverse and talented group of people we’re proud to call our colleagues to chime in on this conversation.

Join us here on the blog daily for 10 Days of Holiday Gratitude from Muse.

Stay tuned. On Day 10 we’ll share our own gratitude in the form of a special surprise to all of our supporters.


Who’s the most grateful person you know? Who’s your gratitude role model?

My gratitude role model is Sarah Britton of My New Roots.

I remember the day that Sarah said to me, “I am feeling so inspired by everything I am learning at, The School for Holistic Nutrition, I think I am going to start a blog (before blogs were a thing), called My New Roots.”

Nine years later, Sarah has single handedly created one of (if not the most) popular health food blogs in the entire world. With a million followers, hundreds of genius recipe creations, a cookbook, My New Roots App and Ted Talk, Sarah remains one of the most humble, grateful individuals I have ever met.

If you ever sit down to a meal with Sarah Britton, you’ll experience her reverence as she unfailingly takes a mindful moment of pause to meditate on where the food lying before her originated, and the many steps it underwent to appear on her plate.

She is constantly reminding me to be present, to appreciate the beauty that exists all around us and within us – especially inside of unexpected vegetables (have you ever cut open a candy cane beet!?

Gratitude is the key to happiness because in order to feel genuinely grateful, you have to stop what you’re doing, and fully embrace the magic of the present moment – Sarah would say something like, “why not start with the simple act of appreciating a single bite.”

Her ted talk was entitled “One Change” so I invite you, on her advice, to make one small change today, in the direction of living a more grateful life…Hey! why not try a three-minute meditation?! It worked for me.

by Laura Sniderman

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