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A Vital Life Skill On & Off The Golf Course: Letting Go Of The Outcome

Here’s our next post from Paul Dewland, Director of Mental Performance from Core Golf Academy! Today he’s focusing on an essential skill for golf – and life; seperating yourself from the outcome of a shot, hole or round, whether it was positive or negative.

One of my favourite things about Muse is that it accelerates the development a really important skill in golf – the ability to quickly detach from the outcome of a shot, a hole or a round. This is extremely important in professional golf, but is also a vital life skill. Let me explain this a bit.

If a player hits a bad or good shot, both can trigger different emotions like anger or excitement. It’s natural to react to the outcome of a shot, but processing either for prolonged periods leads to real problems. It’s unnatural to do so, and it interferes with our ability to make good decisions and to make good use of our skills. This is also true in other areas such as business, parenting, and relationships.

Professional golfers (and all golfers for that matter) tend to play their best when they feel calm (which is different from relaxed – see my last blog post for an explanation). One of the key characteristics of a calm person is that they have the ability to control where they place their attention, and they most often hold it in the present moment. This keeps them doing the best they can for the task at hand, despite what is going on in their environment or in the past.

So how can practicing with using Muse help with this?  It is the perfect system to help develop the strength of our attention control – kind of like building a muscle by working it in the gym. In a Muse session, the wind blowing strongly is the equivalent of a bad outcome in golf. Likewise, when you earn a period of quiet or the birds chirp, that’s the equivalent of a good shot or outcome. Getting excited or upset about either for more than a short moment will ironically invite the sound of waves once again.

So Muse is the perfect system to strengthen your ability to quickly extract yourself from the moment to moment feedback (wind and birds) and keep your attention placed on the task at hand in the moment (counting/feeling our breath). If you practice this way correctly and consistently, any periods of quiet or wind during your session will eventually intensify your focus on the task at hand, and this brings about incredible performance states. This skill is the basis of resilience or toughness, and every single true professional I have ever met – in any field – fully possesses this ability. The good news is that every one of us can develop and deepen this skill with practice – and Muse accelerates this development in the most simple, convenient and enjoyable way that I know of.

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