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New Ways To Relax, Calm And Focus Your Mind With Muse

Today, our team is excited to announce the release of a new and next generation Muse app. It features a user experience that’s rich with new features, functionality, and rewards to keep users motivated and reaching their meditation goals.

It’s available first for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with Android available in the summer of 2015.

You won’t have to download a new app or start a new Muse account.  Look for the redesigned Muse icon on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch* to get started:


After we launched Muse: the brain sensing headband in August 2014, we spent months listening to and learning from your experiences with it. Feature requests were taken seriously, and suggestions for improvement were reviewed on a regular basis. The outcome is a new way to use Muse with customizable session lengths, challenges, enhanced tutorials and much more.

Close to 10 years working in labs, universities, consumer electronics associations and other notable technology start-ups contributed to Muse.

It’s because of your support and enthusiasm that Muse exists today. Your emails, phone calls, letters and social media posts helped us make a better product and experience.

Now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch *

Android availability in Summer 2015

Compatible with iPhone and iPad accessibility modes for the visually impaired

*for complete compatibility list see choosemuse.com/compatibility

Learn more about the app update.

Downloaded the Muse app  from the Apple App Store.

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