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New – Soundscapes & Exercises Released for iOS

This week we released an update to the Muse app for iOS that includes new experiences & soundscapes.

Updated iOS

We’ve added 2 new soundscapes to find out what keeps you calm.
They will provide more opportunity to personalize the experience so you can discover the sounds that resonate most with you and best support your practice.
Use the Ambient Music soundscape to practice with synthesized drones and electronic birds.
The Desert evokes a feeling of vastness with the sound of wind and twirling sand.


Also we’re introducing exercises and worked with accomplished meditation teachers to create “Meditation with Muse”, a new pack of exercises built directly into the app.

The “Meditation with Muse” course offers 10 guided exercise sessions that help you to discover how Muse’s real-time audio feedback assists you in learning to meditate. The sessions cover different meditation techniques and exercises that help you build a consistent practice with Muse in order to help you find the practice that works best for you.

Head to your “exercise” screen and work your way through exercises exploring posture, soundscapes, distractions, discomfort and more.


These updates are available now for iOS users, Android is on the way too, so we’re very excited for this update and have a lot more in store so stay tuned!

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