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Meet New Meditator Nancy Sun: Superwoman by Day, Superwoman by Night

Meet Nancy. Nancy’s a woman who balances an exciting job in sales and a busy home life. Ambitious and attentive, she is always looking for new ways to expand her horizon. Nancy is about to start  21 Days of Meditation with Muse – a program designed to share the profound impacts meditation can have on your mind and body with just three short weeks of practice. We asked her a few questions about her life and her experience with meditation.

Who is Nancy?

“I am a National Sales Manager in the Industrial Safety industry. I’m living in Toronto with my husband and dog, but travel a lot with my job, tirelessly zipping around North America. Being responsible for sales from coast to coast, I’m often taking meetings in various time zones. This can result in some very long work days.”

What are some struggles you face in your daily life?

“My biggest struggle seems to be unwinding at the end of the day. Because I work from home, it’s hard to go from a work frame of mind to a home frame of mind. Switching from focusing on work to giving my family my undivided attention is easier said than done.”



What is your experience with meditation?

I have been doing different types of yoga for over 10 years, and am working on incorporating meditation into my yoga practice.”

What are your thoughts on 21 days of Meditation with Muse?

“I hope to make more efficient use of my time. This means focusing solely on my home life when work is over, and focusing exclusively on my work when it’s time to strap down. I welcome the experience, and look forward to achieving a more balanced, stress-free routine.”

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