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Muse staff share their tips for living happy and healthy

It’s a new year, and like so many others, the Muse staff have resolved to make choices that promote a sense of well-being – on the inside and out. We’re a conscious bunch who Muse to keep our brains fit, but also try to keep our bodies in tip top shape as well. We wanted to share some of our fitness tips that you can pair with Muse to create your own mind and body fitness routine.

Guy, Mobile Software Developer

My approach to fitness, distilled: Be consistent and mindful of the choices you make, focus on a plant-based diet, work out regularly, get enough sleep to feel rested, and make some time for family and friends. Bonus: Buy a Muse and meditate on the hard work the loveable programmers put into the app driving it.

Lindsay, Customer Care Associate

Ladies, don’t be afraid to hit the weights. It’s a myth that you’ll get bulky. Guys, don’t forget to implement cardio and flexibility into your regime. You need those too for your overall long-term health.

Derek, Chief Operating Officer 

I cycle to work throughout the year. With temperatures in the -20s, it’s imperative to layer up: three on legs and five on top. The idea is to leave no exposed skin (I also use a good moisturizer for the exposed bits), but still have the flexibility to move and turn. I always wear bright clothing and remember to have lots lights at night.

Jasna, Web Developer

Learn partnered dance! Swing, blues, salsa, fusion, ballroom, and many others are great ways to not only get exercise and learn a new skill, but also to meet new people and make amazing friends. Most cities have extensive dance scenes with events happening most days of the week, and they usually don’t require bringing your own partner. Just show up and learn!

Kim, QA Engineer

Often, we get so caught up in what we’re doing that we forget to breathe. Take a moment, close your eyes, inhale deeply, and exhale, releasing tension and letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Release those happy molecules (endorphins) by exercising regularly. You’ll feel great! Don’t forget to stay hydrated and well rested.

Om, Software Developer

There’s no need to feel intimidated or shy at the gym. You’ve already made a commendable decision to workout so stay positive! My fear was that people might judge me based on my level of fitness but that simply wasn’t true. Also, playing a sport is a fantastic way to incorporate cardio into your routine and is much less boring than running on a treadmill.

Matt, Software Developer

I find the key to fitness is to find something that’s both active and something you enjoy – it’s both motivating and great for your health. I personally love to ride my bike almost everywhere all year long and rock climb whenever I get a chance.

Jay, Senior Interaction Designer

Set a routine, but build flexibility into the process. Conversely, you need to set strict limits on that flexibility (i.e., you’re allowed to skip one workout a week and sleep in, but only one). Then reward yourself for sticking to it.

Gena, Communications Manager

Walking to and from work is a great way to fit exercise into an otherwise busy schedule. Wear comfy shoes that have good support. Bad shoes and bad posture can undo any of the health benefits since the feet, spine, and jaw are all connected.

Jessica, Director, Marketing

Set realistic goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure by being too ambitious.  Set a reasonable goal, achieve it and repeat. Communicate your goals to friends and family; you’re more likely to stick with it if you feel accountable. Also, don’t expect your life to change overnight. Stick with it and you’ll reap the rewards.

We’d love to hear your fitness tips and goals for 2015. Feel free to share with us on Twitter @choosemuse, or email our team.

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