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Muse Customer Story from the Big Island of Hawaii

After releasing every new version of Muse we follow feedback from our customers very closely and love to hear about all the ways that Muse has impacted people’s lives. We recently got in touch with Trisha M., a retired computer technician and columnist from Hawaii. She told us of her unfortunate car accident and how meditating with Muse has gotten her back on track.

“I lived through it and it could have been a lot worse but Muse showed up in my life just like an angel!”

Trisha's car following the accident
Trisha’s car following the accident

While driving back home, from a dentist appointment down rural Hawaiian roads, the rainy conditions and a lack of guardrails caused Trisha’s car to run off the road. Luckily, Trisha and her husband David were spared a more tragic outcome due to an area of shrubbery that shielded them from an even greater tragedy and a longer fall along a cliffside.  If the car toppled further below, they would have been met with solid rock formed by old lava flows. That’s not to say no injuries were sustained. Trisha’s side of the car took the majority of damage and thankfully, David was not injured. “I had sprained ribs, two sprained fingers, one on my right and one on my left which makes typing fun, considering I’m a columnist”, Trisha joked. “I lived through it and it could have been a lot worse but Muse showed up just like an angel!”.

After the accident, Trisha found herself frustrated during the recovery process. Medical bills and car insurance issues haunted her consciousness. She found herself losing her temper and struggling to focus on the present in order to focus on her recovery. Just around the same time, Trisha’s Muse arrived. She discovered the device while on Facebook looking for new products to review for her column. After developing a meditation routine with Muse Trisha noted, “If it can calm me down in this chaos, there’s something here”. Trisha had meditated on and off since she was a child but since Muse has once again resumed the practice with more regularity. “It was a life saver. Because I was in pain, and pain can turn into anger. I was snappy at everybody”, Trisha recalls.

“It’s been extremely helpful. I reach for it nearly every day, once a day if not twice”

Trisha - A Muse Customer
Trisha – A Muse Customer

Now, Trisha and David have become Muse ambassadors, retelling her first-hand experience online. She has also delivered talks at a grief group for mothers who have lost children and she speaks regularly at Kona Hospital on the “Big Island” of Hawaii.

Trisha introduces people to breathing exercises involving counting breaths and Muse meditation. She claims that this form of meditation has been of great help. Seeing all the benefits of meditation, Musing has become a daily activity for Trisha who informed us, “I reach for it nearly every day, once a day if not twice”.

“It helped so much. I don’t know what I would’ve done without it”

We’re very happy to see her progress and would love to hear more stories like this and completely different. If there is a Muse story you’d like to share we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to community@choosemuse.com and if your story is published we’ll send you your choice of a Muse Hard Carrying Case or a Muse:the brain sensing headband branded tshirt.

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