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New Meditator Ryan Littzen: The Man to Get the Job Done

Meet Ryan | Toronto, ON, Canada.

Ryan is a man with an unquenchable thirst for life, learning, and discovery. A traveler by profession, Ryan sets his goals high and his standards for personal achievement even higher. Ryan is about to start  21 Days of Meditation with Muse – an initiative designed to show the profound impacts meditation can have on your mind and body with just three weeks of dedication.

We asked him a few questions about his life and his experience with meditation.

Who is Ryan?

I work as an international consultant for a design and manufacturing firm in the airport industry. I travel extensively for pleasure and for work. At home, I enjoy spending time in parks along the lake and involving myself with various food and wine communities around Ontario.

What are some struggles you face in your daily life?

I find that – like many people – I struggle to make sure that my time is spent productively. My work tends to involve managing various time zones and destinations. This can be challenging, as I need to remain on the ball at all hours of the day, sometimes for extended periods of time. Maintaining an organized schedule while prioritizing what needs to be at the top of my mind at any given time is difficult to juggle.

What is your experience with meditation?

I have dabbled in various meditation practices that teach breathing techniques for high altitude mountain climbing.

What are your thoughts on 21 days of Meditation with Muse?

I hope to gain better control over my emotional wellbeing as well as increase my ability to calm my mind. I understand the potential benefits of using Muse, and will be sure to make time for Muse in the same way I’d make time to workout at a fitness centre.

Want to learn more about how Muse can help you with meditation? Click here.


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