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Meet Sandy Schwenger: A Combination of Relentless Ambition and Extraordinary Talent









Sandy Schwenger is a Registered Dietitian and also a Certified Lifestyle Counselor. Sandy has over 25 years of experience in the field of nutrition education and weight loss. In her early career she has created numerous heart healthy recipes; educational materials, presentations and workshops, including the award-winning nutrition education and weight management program LessOn Lifestyles®.

Sandy is currently the CEO of m-Health Solutions. Sandy is about to start 21 Days of Meditation with Muse – an initiative designed to share the profound impacts meditation can have on your mind and body with just three weeks of dedication. We asked her a few questions about her life and her experience with meditation.

Who is Sandy?

“My mandate is to build a world class company within the rapidly growing Healthcare Sector. I have been recognized for having an unfaltering spirit and entrepreneurial drive. I face challenges head-on, and welcome new opportunities to take companies into uncharted territory. In my personal life, I love to stay active. I am a downhill ski racing coach and master’s hockey player.  Always excited to try new things, I’ve recently taken up Yoga.  In June 2008, I climbed and summited Mount Kilimanjaro. I love to have sports and activities that cover all the seasons!”

What are some struggles you face in your daily life?

“I’m a perfectionist and triple ‘A’ personality, which drives my family crazy…I stress both the small and big stuff, from weeds or mess to traffic and world issues.”

What is your experience with meditation?

“As part of my Yoga practice , I try to incorporate meditation into both the practice itself and my quotidian life. With a hectic schedule which involves a lot of travel, I try to bring my ‘meditation practice’ with me. Unfortunately, I need a lot of practice to get better at this.”

What are your thoughts on 21 days of Meditation with Muse?

“I hope to reduce my stress levels, improve my overall health, improve my sleep and learn to better handle situations.As well as being more accepting and supportive of different perspectives (spoken as a true type A personality) and learning to “turn off”.”

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