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The Most Unconventional Way to Learn Meditation.

Yes, we all know we should be meditating. It’s the new thing… but are you one of the people that just can’t seem to get it? Do you ask yourself: “Am I doing it right?”, “Am I improving?” or “Is this even working?”

You can learn to meditate just about anywhere with Muse. Today, we wanted to you show just that. Even in the most unconventional way, for instance on horseback.

On this hump day as we were discussing Kayne West’s upcoming performance in the closing ceremonies of the Pan Am Games 2015, the Toronto Mounted Police were hard at work. Luckily they took a few minutes to learn about Muse, a tool that makes meditation easy.

Officer J. Beaupre completed a 3 minute guided meditation exercise with the help of the meditation tool, Muse.

Being a Mounted Police officer comes with it’s own set of daily challenges. Unlike officers in patrol cars, Mounted officers have to be ready for a wide variety of situations while maintaining constant communication with their horse over long periods of time.

During this 3 minute meditation exercise, the officer heard real time audio-feedback from the Muse app on his smartphone. There was audio-feedback of stormy weather when he felt distracted and calm weather when he felt focused. This gave him a way to tell whether he was “doing it right”, showed him a graph of his session which let him know his “improvement” and that his meditation exercise “was working”.

Why is this the most unconventional way to learn meditation?

  1. Horses have been known to move.
  2. You hope your horse doesn’t walk away with you.
  3. Other officers may be jealous of your meditation experience.

Want to learn more about Muse, the tool that makes meditation easy? Click here.

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