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Meditation for Mothers

Liza, shown above, is an actual Muse meditator, and just one example of a mother in a specific situation and stage in her life, but meditation can benefit various stages of motherhood from pregnancy through to the later years. As we approach Mother’s Day we take the time to notice how moms have shaped our own lives through their constant flow of empathy and nurturing. Due to their unselfish role they also tend to bear the weight of the world on their own shoulders as they quite regularly focus on their children rather than themselves. Meditation is an effective and time-efficient way for mothers to cultivate a calm mind, patience, positive thoughts, and connection with their own needs and emotions.

From pregnancy to menopause women undergo a wide range of hormonal experiences, affecting moods, perspectives on life, and forms of happiness. Positive emotional health during pregnancy not only helps to reduce stress mothers might be experiencing, but it is also a bonding mechanism for the expecting mother to build a deeper connection with their new baby. According to a study on Mindfulness Approaches to Childbirth and Parenting, researchers found that practicing regular meditation has been shown to be an effective way of reducing the pain of labor.

There is nothing quite like the exhaustion of running after a toddler. Mothers who care for toddlers understand the stress that often accumulates from tantrums, morning and bedtime routines, and growing to-do lists. Even though a healthy, nutritious diet, good sleep, and exercise all play a positive role in helping mothers cope with the stress associated with parenting, mental fitness is highly recommended.

Meditation has the power to shift a mother’s perspective from being rushed, anxious, and worried to being aware in the present moment, attentive, and kind. Meditation helps mothers to have confidence as they take on the role of a parent, and may improve decision-making skills. Parenting does not come with a guidebook. Navigating tough days with patience is made easier by a regular meditation practice.

The Journal of Child and Family studies published results from a study on Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Education. The study showed that, “Laying a foundation of healthy coping through mindfulness during the perinatal period of family formation may promote family resilience across the lifespan, effectively placing new families on a healthier developmental trajectory than they might otherwise have experienced.”

Parenting through the teenage years takes unparalleled patience, fortitude, and confidence. Meditation may help mothers to cultivate trust in their own parenting decisions and help them to communicate more effectively with their teen children.

Liza’s situation is not uncommon. Mothers go through various points in their life whether it is the hardship of weighing career vs. parenting to taking care of their own mother later in life. Liza found a way through meditation with Muse to cope with being in the present by strengthening her mind and resisting impeding wandering thoughts so that she could be more efficient and in control throughout the day. Meditation is ideal because it can be practiced almost anytime and anywhere.

Among the most important roles of a mother is the call to nurture. Mothers are the emotional backbones of the family. They provide the foundation for everyone’s emotions and do their best to keep us from harming ourselves and teach us the values of empathy.

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