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Meet New Meditator Shayne Casey-Shaw: Student, Leader and Outdoors Enthusiast

Shayne Casey-Shaw is a passionate University of British Columbia kinesiology student and researcher, an adventure enthusiast, a burst of positivity, an advocate of balanced living, and Muse’s newest ambassador. Shayne is about to start  21 Days of Meditation with Muse – an initiative designed to show the profound impacts meditation can have on your mind and body with just three weeks of dedication. We asked her a few questions about her life and her experience with meditation. 

Who is Shayne?

I was raised in the countryside of Ontario, Canada where my parents taught me how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I grew up skiing, swimming, playing rugby and volleyball, running, biking, hiking and exploring. My passion for health and wellness was fostered largely by my parents. My Mom participated in the 1988 Olympics as an alpine skier and my Dad was Team Captain of the OHL’s Peteborough Pete’s in his junior hockey career. Upon moving to Vancouver, I discovered a love for yoga, and the lifestyle, teachings, grounding, and relaxation it provides.

What are some struggles you face in your daily life?

I find it difficult to maintain a balance between all aspects of my life and still have personal time. I am involved in a wide variety of activities, from sport to school to volunteering. Personal growth is also foundational to my life, so aspects including curiosity, exploration, family, wellness, and happiness form the bedrock to which I interact with the world. Balancing my yearning to extend borders with the confines of social structures is definitely a struggle.

What is your experience with meditation?

I haven’t practiced meditation in complete stillness before. However, I practice yoga and run which I consider to be a form of “moving meditation.”  When using Muse, I hope to learn to sit in stillness without worrying about all the other things I could be or should be doing. I want to learn to quiet my mind, and let thoughts pass through the solitude without judgement. 

What are your thoughts on 21 days of Meditation with Muse?

I’m worried that I won’t be able to stop thinking and just be. Moving meditation has been my preference in the past because I can distract my mind with movement. I hope to learn how to gain similar stress-relief  and relaxation techniques without external movement. I’m excited to use this cool technology, and am looking forward to seeing how the benefits of meditation impact the different aspects of my life.

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