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Introducing Our New Guest Blogger, Pro-Golf Coach Paul Dewland!

This week we’re super excited to welcome our brand new guest-blogger, Paul Dewland, seasoned pro-golf Coach  from Core Golf Academy! He’ll be posting lots of great content regularly to The Daily Muse so we’ll let Paul introduce himself:

Paul Dewland of Core Golf Academy

This is my first report on my use of Muse, so first, a bit of background on me: I am the Director of Mental Performance at the Core Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida. I coach golfers in developing the internal skills required to play their best in situations that may otherwise diminish their “access” to their skills. I work with players on the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, top-ranked amateurs, NCAA players, and the players who attend our Academy. This list includes Ryder Cup team members, PGA Tour winners, and National Amateur champions. In respecting the privacy of each player I may refer to in these articles, I will not mention his or her names.

I approached the people at Muse because I instantly saw the benefit of this system when I first learned about it. For years I have been promoting meditation for the majority of my players as a method of developing their attention control capacity. Despite the fact that they all clearly understand the benefit of the practice, it’s often a challenge to get them to do it consistently. Many of them simply disliked the practice despite the value it brings.

I am very excited to be using this system, because it overcomes a lot of the barriers to players adopting this practice. From a player’s standpoint it’s simple and enjoyable to use, it’s portable, and most importantly it accelerates the benefits of the practice.

My future blog entries will be reporting on things such as player reports and progress using the system, the ways I use it in my coaching, and updates on my experimentation and observations using the system.

On a final and personal note, my own meditation practice has been enhanced significantly in the short time I have been using Muse. It has revealed several weaknesses in my practice that I was previously unaware of. And to be honest, I have been much more consistent because I enjoy the challenge that the system provides.

Click here to learn more about Core Golf Academy.

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