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Improve Your Meditation Posture with Muse Meditation Cushions

Wondering how to feel more comfortable and supported during meditation? A common barrier to building or maintaining a regular meditation practice is the fear of physical discomfort or pain from sitting too long. Being aware of the sensations that arise in the body while meditating is a useful part of many meditation practices, though it’s quite possible that your posture could benefit from some extra support. (If you are experiencing pain, you should always talk to your doctor first, as pain can have many causes and cures).

Good news – we now have hand-crafted, locally made Zafu, Zabuton and Runa cushions in our Muse store. For both beginner and experienced Musers and meditators alike, the cushions are designed to support your body in sitting with better posture. Whether you choose to sit cross-legged, in lotus, kneeling, or on a chair, give your hips, lower back, knees, ankles and back more support while you meditate in the position that is best for you.

Muse resident meditation teacher (and Platform Software Team Lead), Paul Baranowski, shares his insights on the Muse cushions:

Typical meditation cushions do not provide enough of a lift for most people to sit comfortably. Muse (Zafu) meditation cushions are tall enough (8″) to allow almost anyone to sit up straight. The general rule is that the less flexible you are, the higher your meditation cushion should be. In my 10+ years of meditation, I have noticed that an inch or two can be the difference between sitting up straight and feeling hunched over.  These cushions allow me to sit properly and the cool colors and natural fibers are an added bonus.”

We asked a few Musers at Muse HQ to share their favorite variations using each of the cushions.

Jay, long-term meditator and Lead UX, is using a Zafu and Zabuton combination. To support his posture and to accommodate his height, he’s chosen to sit on the Zafu on its side. Jay is kneeling on a Zabuton to cushion his knees and ankles from the floor.

Paula (wearing a Muse in the background), Muse Social Media Manager and avid Muser, is sitting on the Zafu in it’s regular position, also on top of a Zabuton. She has chosen to use a Runa on her lap to support her wrists.

Muse Cushions

Paul is sitting on a green Zafu (also turned on it’s side). With his legs crossed, he’s seated comfortably and is anchored to the floor (even in jeans!). The Zabuton is there, once again, to support his feet, ankles and knees.

Muse Cushions

Kim, QA Engineer, beginner meditator and practiced yogi, is seated on a green Zabuton to support her knees, feet and ankles. Though you can’t see it, she is also sitting on top of a Zafu to elevate her hips above her knees and to support her posture by encouraging her to keep her shoulders back (while maintaining a straight back).

Muse Cushions

Leslie, UX Researcher, is seated on a green Runa – the most versatile of the three cushions. Some people (especially those with knee problems) prefer to use this cushion while seated on a chair; and it’s great for travel because of its compactness, versatility, and carrying strap. Leslie is quite open in the hips and she does not require much elevation from the floor to be comfortable and maintain a straight spine while sitting, so the Runa works for her.

Muse Cushions

Each cushion is hand-crafted in Toronto, made with 100% natural cotton. The Runa and Zafu are both filled with organic buckwheat; and the Zabuton is filled with cotton. All have removable and washable covers and are available in a variety of colors.

To order a Muse meditation cushion, visit our online store. In celebration of better posture and more support while meditating, we are offering free shipping within Canada and U.S. (cushions will ship from our warehouse within two business days). Got questions? Our team is happy to answer them. Reach out to: customercare@choosemuse.com

For extra support in your meditation journey, order a Muse, brain-sensing headband to gain real-time feedback on your brain state while you meditate; and check out this post on helpful tips to motivate your meditation practice.

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