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“Hacking Mindfulness” – Paying Attention to Your Own Attention

At Muse we like to share stories that help spread the word about the fruits of building a consistent meditation practice.  These may be stories of how Muse meditators have benefited and changed their lives using Muse, how meditation is scientifically shown to alleviate feelings of anxiety, chronic pain and depression or even how meditation can improve your golf swing.  Sometimes we come across great material that others have created that further pushes our purpose to bring meditation to everyone.

The following video, for example, which features Peter Baumann, the founder of the Baumann Foundation, explores how one can calm their attention was particularly interesting. Throughout our lives we always have forces that pull our attention one way and then pull our attention the other way.  This makes it difficult to think about the now and present.  Mr. Baumann explains that its not always right to say you’re mindful (i.e paying attention to paying attention) as this may drain your brain’s resources even further. Sometimes it makes more sense to just pay attention to your body’s own sensations as this can relax and calm the mind and bring you into a focus surrounding immediate present. Similarly, with Muse, we have always suggested that in order to get the most out of the experience one should focus on the sensation of breath.  Meditation is about strengthening the mind to resist negative, wandering or distracting thoughts so that we may be more productive throughout the day and emotionally satisfied. Meditation and mindfulness is the practice of being present and resisting, what Peter Baumann claims are, the “hijacking of our thoughts”.  We hope you are as captivated as we were listening to this.

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