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Gratitude and Presence this Thanksgiving.

Turkey dinner, extended family, table centerpieces, and the inevitably approaching holiday season: it seems as though the Thanksgiving Weekend is becoming more and more of a recipe for high stress and tension.  After a whirlwind year that has produced unexpected global events, it can be too easy to lose sight of the meaning and purpose of this holiday. You only need to look to social media to see this best represented by the trending hashtag #HowToAvoidPoliticsAtDinner.  With this view seemingly being the norm, why should we take a moment to be grateful?

Taking the time to appreciate everything you receive causes you to acknowledge the goodness in your life.  During this process, people tend to recognize that the source of goodness partially lies outside themselves.  As a Harvard study suggested, this process “helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals”.  Gratitude also has a number of scientific benefits as well.  Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and Forbes.com contributor, wrote about how gratitude improves physical and psychological health, increases mental strength and improves self-esteem, among other benefits.

In short, the simple act of giving thanks is both beneficial to yourself and those around you.  We, here at Muse, are grateful for all of the amazing groups and individuals who have helped to raise awareness of mental health, and for those who have journeyed with us in bringing meditation to their lives and those around them.  As you anticipate an amazing (or anxiety-riddled) Thanksgiving dinner and being with your friends and family, we invite you to step back, take a breath and soak in the presence of the here and now. Appreciate our Earth and all of those around you for the goodness they bring into our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving from Muse.

credit: Huffington Post
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