Muse staff share their tips for living happy and healthy

It’s a new year, and like so many others, the Muse staff have resolved to make choices that promote a sense of well-being – on the inside and out. We’re a conscious bunch who Muse to keep our brains fit, but also try to keep our bodies in tip top shape as well. We wanted to share some of our fitness tips that you can pair with Muse to create your own mind and body fitness routine.
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How Can Muse Help Me With Exercise?

Interested in using Muse to improve your performance or understand how exercise affects your brain? Chris Aimone – one of the creators of Muse – draws from his own experiences with gymnastics and rock climbing as he explains how to apply Muse to your exercise routines and performances.

Using Muse: When, Where and How Long?

We often get questions about when, where, and how long to use Muse. Michael Apollo – Director of Mind Sciences at Interaxon – offers some suggestions, but ultimately explains why the most important thing is that you find a time that’s right for you.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Fit with Muse

Want to become a pro at getting good signal quality with your Muse headband? Ariel Garten – one of the creators of Muse – shows us how to fit the headband with long hair and provides a few insider tips for making the process a little easier.