Before, During, and After Using Muse

We are frequently asked “What does Muse ‘do’?” and “what can I expect when using Muse?” Jay Vidyarthi, User Experience Lead for  Muse, explains what to expect before, during and after using Muse: the brain sensing headband with our Calm app.

This Valentine’s Day, We’re Giving the brain its rightful place in the spotlight; Share the Love & WIN

Valentine’s Day is a time when we think of sharing what’s in our heart with that special someone. But have you ever stopped to think about where all of those wonderfully mushy, feelings *really* come from?

We at Muse are giving the brain its rightful place in the Valentine’s Day spotlight. That’s right, “love” originates in the brain, not the heart – and we’ve got the infographic to prove it. Check it out to learn more about what’s going on in your *brain* when your heart is racing and your knees are going weak. Read more

The Evolution of Brain Sensing Technology

Dr Graeme Moffat (PhD Neuroscience, former editor, Frontiers in Neuroscience) draws from his work in neuroscience to explain the history of brain sensing technology and how Muse breaks barriers in size, cost, power, comfort, and software.