We are grateful for every single one of you.

Its our 10th day of ’10 Days of Holiday Gratitude’ today and we’d like to end our series by proclaiming that we are grateful for every person who has ever shown an interest in what we do. We strive, on a daily basis, to find ways of bringing mindfulness, meditation and a healthy mind to the forefront of people’s thoughts. As a token of our gratitude we’d like to offer everyone 10% off anything in our store starting from now through December 26.  Simply use the code ‘gratitude2016‘ during checkout and you’ll see the price adjust.  As we move into 2016 lets be more aware of all the wonderful things in our lives and celebrate them throughout the years to come.
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Insomnia? How Meditation Can Help You Have Better Sleep

Have you forgotten how to sleep? Do you lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, worrying away as you chalk up yet another sleepless night? Or wake up too early, in a state of anxiety? If you answered yes, you’re in good company. Deep and regular sleep plays an important role in physical and mental health, yet around 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems, with insomnia being the most common. No wonder people are desperately trying to cure their insomnia symptoms and learn to sleep better. (Always talk to your doctor, first, as insomnia can have many causes and cures.)

Insomnia: Meditation can help you sleep better
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Tee up with Muse for Father’s Day (plus: contest news alert)

Father’s Day is fast approaching. This year, equip dad with the perfect gift to indulge the golfer in him: Muse, the brain sensing headband.

By helping to improve mental focus and concentration, Muse is a sort of “secret weapon” that’ll help dad get his golf game to where he wants it to be. The best part? The positive effects stretch beyond the green, building focus on the fairway as well as on the job. Muse is a wonderful tool that those who have the interest can use to build and maintain a rewarding meditation practice. Learn more about how meditation can help dad improve his game by signing up for the Muse Golf Program

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Super Interactive Fun Times at the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace!

As you probably already know, today is April Fool’s day. We figured that you already had you fill of internet pranks and hoaxes, so we wanted to focus on what April Fool’s day is really about – Fun!

At ChooseMuse, we’ve always made sure to make time for fun. This mindset has spurred spontaneous dance parties at our desks, practicing handstands between meetings, late night scavenger hunts and lots of laughs. We pride ourselves in fostering an energetic, open minded and playful work environment that encourages our team to be curious, ask questions and have fun together. So when we’re invited to exhibit as part of the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace 2015, we knew we’d feel right at home there.

If you haven’t heard of it, the spectacularly successful digiPlaySpace is an annual interactive exhibition located on the ground floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox here in Toronto. Now in its fourth year, digiPlaySpace 2015 features new installations, learning-centric games, mobile apps, creative tools and production activities, all designed by acclaimed artists from around the world. Visitors, of all ages will be encouraged to learn about the world around them through discovery and laughter.

Some lucky ChooseMuse Staff members got to take a work day visit to the digiPlaySpace down the street from our office and we had a blast! We will admit that we arrived a little biased; aMUSEing Wonderland is our contribution to the exhibit, but the 23 other installations are too awesome to ignore! Check out these photos from our “Field Trip” to the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace 2015.
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