Improve Your Meditation Posture with Muse Meditation Cushions

Wondering how to feel more comfortable and supported during meditation? A common barrier to building or maintaining a regular meditation practice is the fear of physical discomfort or pain from sitting too long. Being aware of the sensations that arise in the body while meditating is a useful part of many meditation practices, though it’s quite possible that your posture could benefit from some extra support. (If you are experiencing pain, you should always talk to your doctor first, as pain can have many causes and cures).

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Lost Your Motivation to Meditate? 6 Tips to Inspire You Today.

An erratic schedule, unclear progress, doubt – there are a lot of reasons why we can lose our motivation to meditate. Even when we’re aware of the paybacks of meditation, such as lower anxiety, a focused mind and improved sleep, it can still be hard to stay on track with our practice. Luckily, there are tricks that even experienced meditators use to stay motivated.

Here are six to consider.

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5 Ways Meditation Can Help You Overcome Thanksgiving Stress

Beautiful fall scene at Thanksgiving

There’s no denying that Thanksgiving is a happy and celebratory time as family and friends gather together to give thanks, but it can also be tremendously stressful, due to the commitments and obligations involved. Meditation has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, promote more restful sleep, increase focus and mental clarity, and improve decision-making – all things that are especially valuable during a busy holiday weekend.
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