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A Different Kind of Love.

My name is Jess and I’m in charge of the website here at Muse: the brain sensing headband. Well, I was in charge of the website because today is my last day with the company.

My decision to move on was terribly bittersweet. The time I had at Muse was incredible but I’ve had to make an extremely tough decision regarding the direction of my life from a professional and career perspective.

I thought about writing this story because as we approach Valentine’s and all its relevance to love I figured I’d discuss a different kind of love; one that’s not about couples and cuddling. What I am referring to is the love you feel for the people you work with and the culture you work in:

The love I feel for this company spawns from many different factors:

  1. Gratitude. People in this organization genuinely care for one another. We are a very small, close knit team. We routinely have sessions where we all get together in one large room and select one or two people who we are grateful for. Whether that colleague is someone who helped you on a project or someone who treated you to a coffee without you expecting it, no good deed goes unnoticed. The warm fuzzy feeling we get after each session not only brings us closer together as a team but also inspires us to achieve more and drive our goals forward.
  2. Lunch Roulette. Everyone in the company participates in an activity where a roulette wheel is spun to determine who you will go to lunch with. This, of course, has the benefit of bringing people out of their shells and learning more about the people they may not have had the pleasure of interacting with before. It’s kind of like an intra-company blind date. What could at first be awkward later ends up building great relationships in the office. Everyone is unique and fascinating when you get to know them. At Muse we have people from all walks of life – from brain surgeons, to creative designers to PhDs in computer science and machine learning and mindfulness gurus – and all of these people have a story to tell.
  3. AMA’s. Every other Friday someone in the company volunteers for an AMA Reddit style physical gathering in the office where someone is selected to sit at the front and tackle questions from the rest of the team. The questions range from questions you’d expect from a biographical exploration of someone’s life to the abstract and ridiculous. “Who’d win in a fight between Wolverine and Spiderman and why?” “If you had to grow an extra appendage what would it be?” Our group sessions can sometimes be hilarious or sometimes sad depending on the experiences of who the volunteer is that week. Whatever the case may be, we all leave feeling a distinct and purifying camaraderie.

I’ve only selected three things for today’s blog post. I could have written about the mind controlled beer tap or the levitating chair. I could have also mentioned Daisy the office dog who I will miss dearly or various yoga and meditation sessions on the roof.

I know people who have worked in environments so poisonous that it affects their daily lives or offices that are neither here nor there but I can truly say I love everything about this place and I am grateful that I will only be a couple minutes away. There is no doubt that I’ll visit again.

Signing off with all my love and paying the internet cat tax below,


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