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3 Ways We Incorporate Mindfulness Into The Workplace

We’re excited about 2016 and involving mindfulness into our own daily lives. During any given week at Muse we are lucky enough to have a culture that incorporates meditation and mindfulness into everything we do as long as our schedules and workload can accommodate of course.

But even though we have a lot going on, we give ourselves time to be present. We make an effort to use our own office meditation space that’s open to every employee as well as the many guests who come and practice either as a group or individually.

Research suggests that there is no predetermined number of days that it takes to form a habit and that it can range from 21 days to even a few months. At Muse we’ve established a number of activities to help us get in the mood and make mindfulness a focus in our work lives:

  1. Muse Meditation Jams.

  2. Every week we have a scheduled time set aside for everyone to meditate using Muse and to provide feedback on their own personal experience using the product. Over time we’ve evolved this to a session that includes beta testing new products and features. The business reasons are clear, but more so, at its core, it’s an even better time for each of us to be quiet and focused so that we can mentally charge ourselves for the week’s activities.

    Meditation Muse Jam

  3. Silent sits.

  4. One of our lovely Musers has set up a designated time for a “silent sit”. A number of various activities occur and we come and do whatever we feel like in silence.
    These events can happen at different times throughout the week to help break up the day. We can take a few moments to step away from our work to calibrate ourselves and take a breath. It’s a great way to incorporate mindfulness into your day without taking up a lot of time and can help us focus for the rest of the day.

  5. All team meetings.

  6. We start every company meeting with a group meditation. We haven’t posted one of these on our instagram in a while as we’ve been overly focused on getting the most out of a group session. We have been keeping up this practice for years now and it’s a great way to align the group when everything is beginning to feel too distracted.

    The #Choosemuse team takes a moment to be in the present during our weekly all team stand up!

    A photo posted by Muse (@choosemuse) on

So with 2016 now here, we hope that this will inspire others to make changes in their workplace. These tips could help you be more productive, more resistant to stress and help your company gel better together to tackle one common goal.

Make 2016 the year that you start or continue your meditation practice and if you’re thinking about doing that with Muse: the brain sensing headband or any one of our beautiful cushions we’d like to present you with a 10% off voucher code that lasts until January 31st.
Simply go to the Muse store, and enter ‘NewYearNewYou’ during checkout.

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