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3 Recipes to Feed Your Brain Today

We asked Lindsay – a member of our customer care team – to share her passion for nutrition and brain health. She hunted down 3 brain food recipes for each meal of the day.


Everyone knows that eating healthy can keep you physically fit.  But did you know that certain foods contribute to a healthy brain? Here’s what a day of healthy brain food looks like.

First, start the day by following this recipe for a Chocolate Beet Superfood Smoothie for breakfast.

  • Vitamins and minerals in this smoothie will improve your brain function and lessen cognitive decline.
  • Enjoy raw cocoa because it’s rich in anti-inflammatory molecules and stimulates those “happy” neurotransmitters.
  • Maca is comprised of B-Vitamins which help to prevent depression and boost metabolism.
  • Chia seeds have Omega 3’s to aid in brain structure and function. They also have fiber to fill you up.
  • Greens and berries are full of nutrient rich phytochemicals that aid in the creation of neurotransmitters and maintain a stable blood sugar, keeping your mood stable.
  • Natural nitrates in beets can increase blood flow to the brain, thereby improving mental performance. Drink up!

Asparagus, Baby Artichoke, Pesto and Goat Cheese Quiche with Quinoa Crust for lunch.

  • Eggs are incredible for the brain- the folate and choline in egg yolks have been shown to slow memory loss and age related cognitive decline.
  • Both eggs and cheese have Vitamin B12, which is only available in foods of animal origin. Vitamin B12 aides in boosting our metabolism and the function of neurotransmitters that regulate brain function.
  • The high quality fat in the nutrient rich free range egg yolks and organic dairy also form and protect the integrity of the structure of our brain’s cell membranes.
  • Asparagus and artichokes have an abundance of memory boosting folate.
  • Quinoa is a complex carbohydrate that maintains a stable blood sugar level and is a high source of iron, a building block of neurotransmitters and a neuron activity enhancer.
  • The copper in quinoa protects myelin and eliminates free radicals in the brain.

Grass Fed Steak with Vegetables for dinner.

  • Grass fed steak is high in the brain protective omega 3’s, iron, B-vitamins and Zinc.
  • In addition, the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil boost brain function, and studies show that the fatty acids in coconut oil can increase blood levels of ketone bodies, supplying energy for the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients and relieving symptoms.
  • As cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower and broccoli are good sources of choline, which diminishes age related memory decline. They both boost the condition of the blood brain barrier, which protects the brain from harmful chemicals in the blood.
  • Garlic is also neuro protective by extending the life cycle of our neurons and removing toxins from our brain.

And for dessert, keep it simple. Enjoy some antioxidant berries!

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