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Tee up with Muse for Father’s Day (plus: contest news alert)

Father’s Day is fast approaching. This year, equip dad with the perfect gift to indulge the golfer in him: Muse, the brain sensing headband.

By helping to improve mental focus and concentration, Muse is a sort of “secret weapon” that’ll help dad get his golf game to where he wants it to be. The best part? The positive effects stretch beyond the green, building focus on the fairway as well as on the job. Muse is a wonderful tool that those who have the interest can use to build and maintain a rewarding meditation practice. Learn more about how meditation can help dad improve his game by signing up for the Muse Golf Program

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5 stories of love and gratitude

For Mother’s Day, we asked you to tell us how your mom or the special mother-figure in your life has been your mentor, muse, friend or role model. Using the hashtag #MyMom, you shared your stories of love and gratitude with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In a few words you told the world how fortunate you feel to have these amazing women in your lives. There were so many wonderful entries, it was difficult to pick the winners, but the five stories we selected really touched our hearts.

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Now there are new ways to relax, calm and focus your mind with Muse

Today, our team is excited to announce the release of a new and next generation Muse app. It features a user experience that’s rich with new features, functionality, and rewards to keep users motivated and reaching their meditation goals.

It’s available first for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with Android available in the summer of 2015.

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Breathe in the winds of change with Muse

Muse’s new app icon is the first of a major update from our team, that will change the way you use Muse.
We’ll be announcing more details soon. Until then, keep an eye on the Muse blog and our social media Twitter and Facebook for a big announcement in the next couple of weeks. We’re so excited to share the news.

Super Interactive Fun Times at the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace!

As you probably already know, today is April Fool’s day. We figured that you already had you fill of internet pranks and hoaxes, so we wanted to focus on what April Fool’s day is really about – Fun!

At ChooseMuse, we’ve always made sure to make time for fun. This mindset has spurred spontaneous dance parties at our desks, practicing handstands between meetings, late night scavenger hunts and lots of laughs. We pride ourselves in fostering an energetic, open minded and playful work environment that encourages our team to be curious, ask questions and have fun together. So when we’re invited to exhibit as part of the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace 2015, we knew we’d feel right at home there.

If you haven’t heard of it, the spectacularly successful digiPlaySpace is an annual interactive exhibition located on the ground floor of TIFF Bell Lightbox here in Toronto. Now in its fourth year, digiPlaySpace 2015 features new installations, learning-centric games, mobile apps, creative tools and production activities, all designed by acclaimed artists from around the world. Visitors, of all ages will be encouraged to learn about the world around them through discovery and laughter.

Some lucky ChooseMuse Staff members got to take a work day visit to the digiPlaySpace down the street from our office and we had a blast! We will admit that we arrived a little biased; aMUSEing Wonderland is our contribution to the exhibit, but the 23 other installations are too awesome to ignore! Check out these photos from our “Field Trip” to the TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace 2015.
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Being “Relaxed” Versus Being “Calm” (They Are Different!)

Here’s our next post from Paul Dewland, seasoned pro-golf Coach  from Core Golf Academy! Today he’s looking at the difference between  being ‘calm’ and being ‘relaxed” and how to make both states work for you.



I often hear people use the words “relaxed” and “calm” interchangeably, but there is an important difference between them. Knowing this difference is very useful in golf, work and life in general.
Relaxation is an important state, where a person has minimal expenditure of physical, mental and emotional energy. This allows our remaining energy to be used for restoration, much like sleeping at night to recover from the day’s work only – which also prepares us for the next one. During this state, our attention may drift, much like a creative daydream but it may also be under our control doing something simple and enjoyable. This is ideal for recovery and restoration, but not optimal for performance.

It is useful to know that tension is the opposite of relaxation. Tension is an excessive expenditure of mental and emotional energy that literally tenses our body. It’s similar to driving down the road in your car with the brakes on – massive energy use, minimal return on that investment.  Our attention is typically out of our control – scattered, random and we are often processing several tasks and/or thoughts at the same time. We are also typically placing our attention on things that we do not directly control.

Calm is a working state, from which good performance can happen. In this state we have optimal and efficient expenditure of mental, emotional and physical energy – not too high, and not too low for the task at hand. Here our attention is mainly placed on our present-moment activity, we are focused on the things that we have direct control over, and have minimal attention given to the past or future.

When we can control our attention, we basically control our life. This plays a significant role in determining the emotional states we experience, our productivity and our stability. When our attention is in our control, we can choose to deliberately engage in either Relaxation or Calm wherever appropriate – and maybe more importantly, to avoid tension.

Herein lies a significant benefit of meditation and Muse: it is the key means to develop this important skill of controlling our attention, and Muse accelerates this development over regular meditation. Those who “Choose Muse” and practice regularly strengthen their to choose the states they experience, and having this choice gives us confidence in just about any situation. I can’t think of a nicer way to play golf, work and live.

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Muse is coming to the UK. Brilliant!

Hi there,

We have some great news to share with you: we’re bringing Muse to the UK!

When we first launched Muse in July 2014, we opened up to worldwide orders so that mindful people around the world could begin experiencing the benefits of training their brain with Muse.  Future Musers everywhere placed orders and shared the feedback that you love Muse, but would like us to make it easier for you to “Choose Muse”. Read more