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What Time of Day is Best for Musing?

Some people can’t function without their early morning yoga class to get them centered for the day. Others wouldn’t even consider breaking a sweat before noon. And just as exercise at a particular time of day is an integral part of a daily routine, our data has shown us that Musers also prefer their brain-training at certain times of the day.

But is there any one time of day that’s better than another? Read more

How Can Muse Help Me In My Daily Life?

Michael Apollo – Director of Mind Sciences at Interaxon – explains how Muse: the brain sensing headband helps you reclaim the choice of where to place your attention.

Giving the Gift of Peace of Mind

Well, Muse: the brain sensing headband continues to gain popularity. Every day, more and more people are getting into the brain-training movement. That’s why we’re pretty stoked to announce that we’ve teamed up with the good folks at to give one away to a lucky reader. Read more

Is Los Angeles Calmer than London?

Here at Muse HQ, we love data.

Muse is shipping and the movement is gaining momentum, so we’re starting to explore the data rolling in. A lot of Musers have joined our Research Program and generously contributed their training data to an anonymous and confidential database. Javier Moreno, our resident numbers guru, was eager to get his hands on the numbers. Read more

Olympian Avianna Chao Takes a Shot at Muse

Our office was abuzz as we welcomed Canadian sport pistol Olympian and Pan Am games medalist Avianna Chao, along with her coach and husband Patrick Haynes to our downtown Toronto HQ.

Sport pistol shooting is one that involves intense mental focus and discipline; Olympic-style pistol shooting is a quieter, more static shooting style than that of sport shooting, where loud, powerful weapons are often used. Avianna describes her sport as “very Zen;” one where her mind is “my greatest ally, but can also be my greatest enemy.” Read more

3 Recipes to Feed Your Brain Today

We asked Lindsay – a member of our customer care team – to share her passion for nutrition and brain health. She hunted down 3 brain food recipes for each meal of the day.


Everyone knows that eating healthy can keep you physically fit.  But did you know that certain foods contribute to a healthy brain? Here’s what a day of healthy brain food looks like.

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Where did brain sensing technology come from?

There are many different ways to measure what’s going on in your brain – you may have heard of some of them: fMRI, fNIRS, PET, MEG, etc.

EEG was the first. It stands for electroencephalography. It’s also the least invasive – it measures the electrical activity of your brain from outside your head and tracks that data in real-time.

It’s history involves dozens of scientists and physicians pushing it further bit by bit.

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Shorten Migraines By 3 Hours

Can you namaste your migraines away? A new, small study published in the journal Headache suggests that meditation may help relieve the intensity and duration of migraines.

Researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center assigned 19 people with migraines either to standard medical care or to an eight-week program called mindfulness-based stress reduction, or MBSR, which incorporates mindfulness meditation and yoga. The MBSR group meditated for about 30 minutes a day.

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Enhance your attention span in 4 days? Brain training works!


Brief mindfulness training significantly improves cognition.  How brief? Just 4 days!

Although advantageous to well-being, programs such as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) or integrative body mind training require a commitment. They take time and they often take money.

A study that compared an experiment group given mindfulness meditation training and a control group that listened to a book on tape. These participants had no previous meditation experience. Their mood, verbal fluency, visual coding, and working memory were measured.

The result? Just 4 days of 20 minute brain training sessions can significantly enhance attention.
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