This is what calmness looks like.

Muse: the brain sensing headband


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Hello, composure.
Good riddance, stress.

Muse, the brain sensing headband. It’s a brain fitness tool that helps you learn how to manage stress, stay calm, stay focused and do more with your mind. Muse helps improve your wellbeing by reducing stress, known to have a negative impact on physical, emotional and cognitive health.


Muse, your device and you.


In the same way that a heart monitor measures your pulse, Muse detects and measures your brain’s activity. What’s more, you can feel improvement.


Muse then gives you a steady flow of feedback on your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. You can see change and improvement in your mental state.

Mindful, by design.

Muse: the brain sensing headband helps you do more with your mind. Simple training sessions, based on scientifically proven exercises, are designed to help you to calm your mind and to manage stress.

Muse uses 7 finely calibrated EEG sensors to detect and measure the activity of your brain. This sensory input is translated into real-time feedback on your tablet or smart phone via Bluetooth. The result is a rich, real-time audio and visual experience.

A quick tour of Muse can make you more comfortable with what our years of innovation, advancement and refinement has achieved.


Adjustable Headband

Designed for comfort on any head


5 Forehead Sensors

Precisely placed to allow Muse to get clear and consistent signals from your brain


5 LED Lights

To let you know when you're in pairing, connected or powered modes


Power Button


2 SmartSense Conductive Rubber Ear Sensors

Specially designed to detect brain activity while providing enhanced comfort and fit


Charging Ports

Conveniently located on both sides


Feedback for a better you.

The feedback Muse provides combined with the way Muse helps you relax can lead to many essential benefits. Once you understand the feedback your mind is giving you, you can respond to it, helping lead you to less stress, greater calmness, more composure and the possibility of doing more with your mind.


Get Muse.
Spend 3 minutes a day.
Track the results.

In the same way that a heart monitor measures your pulse, Muse measures your brain’s activity from one moment to the next. You see and hear how that activity looks and sounds. Long-term tracking gives you an additional ongoing perspective. In as little as 3 minutes a day, specially developed training sessions give you the ability to improve your mental performance, to relax and to reap many other benefits. With increased calmness and more composure comes the great possibility of doing more with your mind.

Can it
read my

Absolutely not. Muse can only tell the type of brain activity you’re experiencing, not if you're thinking about the color blue.

Can I
move stuff
with my mind?

No: the technology behind Muse is about doing more with your mind by learning how to master it.

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Speaking of Muse…

Like a fitness tracker for your grey matter
a window into your mind and mental state
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